Love, Love, Love

What is love?

Love is the essence of life. Love is also the meaning of life, rather: we live to become love. Life, the great teacher, helps us with that. Since we are sometimes lazy and do not want to learn so much or forget what we have learned, we mostly need the pain, so that we again become aware of the living life, our mortality and the true purpose of our existence – love.

At the moment, love is not easy in many societies – I especially count the German culture space as such. Many individuals even doubt love, saying that they do not understand what love is, and much less can they believe in it. He who does not carry love in himself can hardly believe in love. The nice thing, however, is that we humans all have in our being the ability, that is, the predisposition to love. We can consciously choose to use this predisposition, expand it and actively let the love flow.

One of the big problems why love has so hard to understand is the idea of ​​romantic love in times that are actually not very romantic. Our society is dominated by competition, individualism and competitiveness. The fear of belonging to the losers of this partly mendacious, money and power-seeking society is large and omnipresent. As a result, it is not easy for the individual to get out of this scared situation. And it’s even harder for two individuals who truly want to meet as a couple instead of just having a deal. Sharing with each other, caring for each other and caring for one another from the heart to be learned. If they have not learned it yet, it will be harder for them to learn it during their love relationship in an environment that is more of a hindrance.

Then fails the relationship, the mistake is often made that the other is accused of “lack of love”. The lack of love ability as such is blamed, which of course. represents a shortened view and what suggests more on their own inner hardness. Because true love simply flows without the other has to prove his love. True love just loves life the way it is. Whether a relationship holds, decides not to the extent, whether a “love feeling” is present (such a feeling changes over time anyway), but on the extent of the own self-responsibility of both individuals. If we fail, our ego wants to convince us to the fullest: there is no love at all – it is an illusion! But thats not the truth. Love is true, love can not help it. It’s our ego and our unconscious way of living that causes us to have painful experiences also (and especially) in our relationships with couples – it’s the hard school we seem to need, the invitation of life to change us deeply, Love-able to become. Nobody said it was easy. But it is the only way to a truly fulfilled life.

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