Alan Watts

Many know it from the voice samples of contemporary trip hop music without knowing it. The pithy voice impresses somehow directly, this special style, through which the well tempered language reaches our thinking, but also our feeling. Who was the man who – born in England in 1915 – had already understood basic principles of Buddhism in the first half of the last century?

Of course, I can not answer that question, but I can share my enthusiasm for this person who was a keen thinker, a wonderful speaker, and probably an extremely unadapted personality. Alan Watts was a priest for a while and spoke in front of a large international audience, here a well-known quote:  

“The inability to recognize the mystical experience as such is more than an intellectual limitation, lack of awareness of the basic unity of the organism and the environment is a serious and dangerous hallucination, because in a civilization that is endowed with immense technological power, the Alienation between humans and nature to apply technology in a hostile mindset – to ‘conquering’ nature instead of smart cooperation with it. ”

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