About Me

Hi. Nice that you have found the way on my blog. I would be glad if the contributions you find here support you on your way to your true being.

Personally, I believe I can say with some certainty that I have lived a very unconscious part of my life very unconsciously. And even though I’ve learned certain things about life in some ways, I continue to be a seeker, a traveler, a person with light and shadow and a strong ego.

Due to a life crisis in the year 2018, I have dealt more intensively, as I have done so far, with the possibility of my death (and thus with my life or life in general). The pain I have experienced and the possibilities of dealing with it consciously (through meditation, for example) have led me more to myself.

This blog is a heart project where I feel no doubt, but just an inner peace and certainty that it is the right thing. I want to share my insights with those who are searching for themselves.

In unconditional love – your Adam